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       UCA is a FPS battling league on Xbox One Battlefield 4 where clans battle and players compete in different tournaments. The tournament is held once a month on http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/platoon/2832655392029132231/. The tournament varies as TOP CLAN, TOP DOG, TOP SQUAD and more.



July2013 BF3(360) Champions: Axis and KOD


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22Feb2015 "Battle for Dom"

Sunday 4pm PST 









Round 1: GUTS vs TE5

Round 2: SNA vs AFO










Check out Bracket for more details on "Battle For Dom"











Battle For Dom 2 ( 01Mar2015 )







On Round 1 of The Battle For Dom. GUTS and TE5 faced off on TE5's Server in a 5v5. The battle lasted only for two rounds gaining TE5 victorious for the Round 1. On Round 2, TE5 was supposed to face SNA on GUTS Server since GUTS experienced lag issues on TE5's Server. Unfortunately, TE5 was unable to face SNA due to lack of players able to stay on and continue the Tourney. This gain SNA with a victory by TE5's forefeit. However the battle continues. The Final Round, SNA faces GUTS on GUTS vs The World Server in a 5v5. This did not turn out well for GUTS with SNA raining hell on GUTS; winning two rounds of the Final Round on Lancang Dam. GUTS realizes at this point, that they need their top 5 against a dominating clan like SNA not. As result, SNA wins Battle For Dom!


Does your clan have want it takes to face off such dominating clans? Join us to find out if you dare.