Meet The Clans

Cmdr-In-Chief: Colyonce

Vice Cmdr: CrudeSavage

GHST Squad Leader: xxXAcidxRainXxx

Recruiter: CrudeSavage

Recruiting Status: Open

Clan Motto: Viscera vincere inimicis ( GUTS to defeat our enemies )

Size: 8 members

Specialty: TDM/Dom/CQ Infantry

Competitive Level: High

Battlelog Page:

Clan Website:

Youtube Channel: Coming Soon





                                                     Guild of the United Tribal Sentinels                                                                      



Leader: oOMs RockstarOo,  oOMr LemmingOo

Squad Leader: n/a

Recruiter: Leaders

Recruiting Status: Community is always recruiting, comp team is not

Clan Motto: n/a

Size: 200+

Speciality: Conquest

Competitive Level: Very high ( Won the ESL 5v5 Dom cup )

Battlelog Page: battlelog -

Clan Websites: facebook is listed youtube

Youtube Channel:



Leaders:  Bodwallace XxfaCkiaxX

Squad Leaders: n/a

Recruiter: Bodwallace

Recruiting Status:  Not recruiting

Clan Motto: n/a

Size: 20  xbox one

Speciality: n/a

Competitive Level: Medium

Battlelog Page:

Clan Websites:

Youtube Channel:





                            Seven Nation Army